Traffic; The Siamese Twin Dulling Lagos’ Shine

Traffic; The Siamese Twin Dulling Lagos' Shine

If there is anything that makes Lagos unattractive, it’s the almost unavoidable traffic one has to plan for and with; no matter who and what you are. That Lagos is traffic-prone at almost all times isn’t something anyone should attempt to come against. Lagos, to me, is the headquarter of world traffic; don’t blame me: I can only speak as far as I know.

I was to fix my phone yesterday and headed out almost as early as I can. By the time I got to Computer Village (Ikeja), I was as stressed as I was as angry with the system. What exactly is the Lagos State Government doing or planning to do to end this ‘rough-outlook’?

Lagos is a very busy state. It is said to be the “commercial capital” of the country; and that’s unarguably true. I have known Lagos with traffic misgivings for as long as I can remember ever stepping on Lagos ground. This has gone on for way too long; we need to find a way round.

The number of lives that would have been lost as they couldn’t get to better health-care facilities or help centers is better imagined. People turning up late to work; almost an everyday occurrence in offices. Delayed movements and trips to accommodate the traffic congestion would be too many to put up with. And many other side-effects.

I have heard people tell me they can’t stay at Lagos; more than ninety-nine percent don’t fancy Lagos for its traffic control issues. Granted, the population is much, but I want to believe Lagos isn’t the most populated city in the world.

Lagos has too many traffic control structures; LASTMA readily comes to mind. This is aside the Traffic Warders the Nigeria Police put on roads. Yet, the situation seem to deteriorate. Are these traffic officials not doing their jobs or are they short-staffed? With the right ideas, I really believe Lagos traffic can be managed to bring congestions to the barest minimum.

I heard the Lagos State Government is trying to fix bad roads and create as many routes as possible to places; that’s a welcome development. Before that, government should ensure strict compliance with all road-related rules and have its officials really interested in their work and not the “side-money” they make. Lagos is too “important” to be traffic-clumsy. I hope to one day see a Lagos where traffic isn’t part of the everyday plan.


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