Policeman Stabbed Nine People Because He Was Provoked – Commissioner

Policeman Stabbed Nine People Because He Was Provoked - Commissioner

The Ondo State Commissioner of Police, Mr Undie Adie, has ordered an investigation into the brawl between a policeman, Taiwo Orishalade, and some young men at a popular night club in the Alagbaka area of Akure.

Orishalade, who was alleged to be drunk, reportedly stabbed nine persons inside the club during the brawl.

The injured policeman and the victims were said to have been taken to hospitals for treatment.

The state Public Relations Officer, Mr Femi Joseph, said in a statement on Monday that the CP had ordered a full investigation into the matter.

He, however, explained that the preliminary investigation conducted by the command showed that Orishalade was provoked by the men, which led to the free-for-all.

According to the PPRO, the preliminary investigation also revealed that three men were involved in the brawl and not nine, and the police officer did not stab any of them.

He said, “There was a social gathering organised by a friend to one of our policemen, Sergeant Taiwo Orishalade, at a popular eatery in Akure to celebrate the birthday of his girlfriend. The police officer, who was not on official duty and was also not in uniform, sat with some other guests at the party.

“At a point, some young men, who apparently identified the police officer even though he was in mufti, approached him to buy drinks for them.

The policeman humbly told them that he was invited by a friend to the party and besides, he did not have enough money on him to accede to their request.

“The men, who were apparently drunk and appeared like miscreants, insisted that the officer must buy drinks for them or leave the scene, or in the alternative, be ready to be killed just like they did to his colleague inspector sometime ago.

The officer pleaded with them to take things calmly, but within a twinkle of an eye, one of the boys slapped him, while another took a bottle, smashed it and stabbed the sergeant with it.

“Naturally, he had to fight back, which resulted in the injuries to the three of them.

The three of them involved in the incident, including the policeman, were taken thospital, treated and discharged.”

Joseph said all the men involved in the fight had refused to report at the police station.