{DIARY OF A RANDY SOUL} Escapade; First Time At A Club

{DIARY OF A RANDY SOUL} Escapade; First Time At A Club
OK, I’ll tell you this; as ‘social’ as I am, I am not a clubber. It’s not my thing. I like to do my ‘dirty’ away from prying eyes and avoid getting marked. You get to drink, dance and follow the spontaneous dictate of your drunkenness. That, I don’t fancy. I like my ‘shits’ in my closet. I always flashed my no-club banner anytime discussions around clubs and clubbings come up. With some, it gave me an air of decency while to others who truly know me, it’s a smokescreen.
It was Ray’s bachelor’s eve. I couldn’t avoid it. We, as his friends, had arranged for whatever was needed to make his last night as a bachelor enjoyable for him while we had fun on the side. Little did I know I’d get an extra; pleasurable sex.
I don’t know her name and I initially didn’t know who she came with or why she was there. Permit me to call her Kate. While I was drinking and tossing around with the guys, I guess my tall, little slim and straight physique must have left an impression on her. I needed to use the restroom and off I went.
Almost as I closed the door to unzip, I heard the door open. Behold a beauty; 6 feet plus, straight, fair and classy! I lost home training and was already ‘rocking her downtown’ in my head even before she said I word.
‘Hey, this is for the guys’; I said. ‘I know. I came for you’ was her reply, locking the door behind her. In my mind, I wanted to ask what exactly she wanted, but I could see she was tipsy and just wanted to be naughty. I tried to warn her off, but she assured me it’s what she wanted and she liked my moves and all since she sighted me at the club. She told me she wanted a feel of ‘my man’.
Her breathe would not have left her mouth when I planted a kiss on her lips. She moved backward in a shot of ecstacy, I assume, and in a split second, was all tongue in my mouth. The force with which she came at me almost made me lose balance, but for my well-built physique. I left her enjoy the thrill oozing from her drunkenness and keyed into making it worth it for her.
I lifted her up. She wrapped her legs around my waist and held tight to my head, pulling it close to her straighten breast as though her life depended on it. She wore a red coloured short gown on top her strapless red bra and a sparkling white undies.
As she pulled my head close to her breast, I followed her lead and got my hands squeezing her bum. At her pace, she released my head allowing me to use my left hand remove her strapless bra with the gown still on. Gown was really the party gown. On I go, sucking on the breast till I could feel her loosing her breathe. She pulled back, looked straight into my eyes and I couldn’t tell how that made me feel. I felt an unusual surge of what I can’t explain. I could feel she was enjoying herself.
Still with the legs wrapped around me, she manipulated her hands down pants and unhooked my belt. Down she went to look for my ‘Johnson’; brother was all standing. I let her down and she was there, singing with on my ‘mike’. I let her continue for awhile; I was all about the real deal.
Letting go, she held the wall, giving me her behind in an inclined state. I understood what she wanted at once. In I was, gently initially, but increased acceleration slowly and steadily until she was all screams and I had a feeling she was enjoying herself.
We were at it when we heard a knock. I guess her moaning must have given us away. I pulled up my trousers and went to the door. ‘Who’s that?’, I asked. It was Duke. He was worried I took so long to ease myself and needed to be sure I was safe. I was ‘low-key’ pissed because that meant the end of my ‘session’ with Kate. I told him I’d be with him in minutes.
Discharging him, I went to see if our session could continue; Kate wouldn’t have it anymore. I guess she was concerned about the vibe she did get coming out from the male wing of the restroom and the whisperings that’d come along with it. I dressed her up (with kisses and touches in between, hoping she’d reconsider). I let her out first. I followed roughly 5 minutes later.
Settling into my corner at the club with loud music blaring from the speakers, I searched for her with my eyes. I found her with Ray’s coursemates in our school days. I attempted to great them before ‘man-marking her and knowing her better’. Greeting, Kola introduced her as his fiancee, and they were getting married fortnight away. Wow.
Tommy Winson.


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