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Wednesday, May 22, 2024
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Photo of a new born baby wearing heavy makeup goes viral

A new born baby has become an internet sensation due to viral pictures making rounds online.

The baby was made up by her mother who cannot be identified.

A viral photo of a newborn baby with makeup is all sorts of wrong according to the court of public opinion.Baby with make up

The mother is unknown but the baby has become famous overnight for all the makeup splashed on her face.

The newbie is seen spotting fully drawn eyebrows outlined carefully with concealer. Dabs of foundation on her cheeks and dark berry full lips. This has outraged many social media commentators who feel it is just wrong to put makeup on a baby.

Some felt the chemicals in the product could react negatively with the baby’s skin which could have ramifications on its health. Others also taught it was totally wrong to practice makeup skills on a baby.

According to experts, applying makeup on a baby is wrong! They said this reason is not about toxic chemicals found in some makeup, but because most babies already suffer from skin conditions which makeup could worsen.

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