Former US president Barack Obama and his wife Michelle are producing for Netflix an adaptation of Michael Lewis’s book “The Fifth Risk,” a critique of Donald Trump’s rise to power.

The video-on-demand platform announced a year ago that the former US leaders had entered into a multi-year agreement to produce films and series with Netflix.Obama's

On Tuesday, Netflix unveiled the initial projects for Higher Ground Productions, Obama’s production company in partnership with the streaming service.

Among them is the adaptation of Lewis’s book in “non-fiction” form, Netflix said in a statement.

The series “aims to portray the importance of work done by everyday heroes guiding our government and safeguarding our nation”.

His latest work describes the  workings of the US government while offering a picture of  Trump and his team.

It portrays an elected president who has not prepared anything for his arrival in office. This President is also shows little interest in the opinions of government officials trying to help.

The book also highlights the many presidential decisions seen as questionable in putting together the administration. Also the decision of Trump to quickly  install people with no prior relevant position in key positions.

Higher Ground is producing an adaptation of The New York Times feature “Overlooked,” which publishes obituaries on historical figures whose death was not reported at the time. These casualties were mainly women or minorities.

The production company is led by two women, Priya Swaminathan, and Tonia Davis. And is also tackling a feature film on Frederick Douglass, an African-American slave who went on to play a leading role in abolitionism.


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