Christmas: In The Spirit Of The Season

Christmas: In The Spirit Of The Season

All around the world, we are approaching a double-phased celebration. The first is the celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ, the Christian-believed Lord and Saviour of the world. The other is the start of a new Calendar year, 2020. Some say it is the start of another decade; I don’t agree with this though. I, for one, believe the next decade starts 2021. The year 2020 is the end of the 201th decade.

Government workers are beginning to have breaks. Companies are beginning to round-up for the year. Santa Claus is welcomed in almost every place. Kids are having new clothes and footwears. Activities are been lined up. Different artistes are busy organizing different shows for different target-audience. Beaches and relaxation spots are anticipating influx of persons from far and near.

While relaxed, this is about the most serious time for most. People take stock of their pains and gains for the outgoing year and draw up plans for the incoming year; and that is expected.

Oh; you achieved all (and even more than) your set-goal for the year: bless God and keep it simple. Yours didn’t go as planned? Be grateful for life; you will still live your dream if you don’t give up. Look around you, there’d be something to be grateful for.

Some of us didn’t have the best of years this year. Others had it real good. Everyone at their pace; don’t measure yourself against anyone. You are peculiar. Live within your means and make plans that wouldn’t put you in debts when the festivities are over. Keep it simple.

While spending and ‘enjoying’ yourself, remember schools will resume in January, rents will be paid and there will be the start of a new business year. You will need to strike a balance between the enjoyment and the responsibility that almost always await everyone in January.

I have not said you shouldn’t party or ‘have fun’; I want for you to have it. I want to have it. I just want for you to still have a life you can ‘run’ in the new year.

May God bring to us all our outstanding blessings for the year and lead us aright into the next year. Enjoy the season.

By Tomide Aroso


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