Still On The Third Term?

Still On The Third Term?

Despite the widespread outrage and condemnation that greeted the idea of a third term for Presidents and State Governors, it’s reported that a committee has been set up to look into it.

I’m hoping that’s a lie and just a rumour that time will expose to be another ruse from the opposition. That being said, it’d be shameful and extremely undemocratic to have that ‘committee’ really sit.

How undemocratic; one might ask. It’d be undemocratic and a rape of our collective advancement as a democracy if we can’t let our constitution be absolute, but find ways to re-edit it to our taste as the situation demands. It’d have been a welcome development if the constitution amendment will be for the betterment of the country as a whole and not just to create a timeless opening for whoever wants to milk the nation for as long as he holds sway.

I do not believe it is true. I do, Infact, believe it’s one of the many lies that fly around social media. But, it’d be shameful, really shameful, if it happens. And, it’d definitely be met with stiff resistance from the masses; they’d better know that.

No man is greater than the constitution. There are defined terms of office for every public office holder. No one should seek to alter the constitution to make way for the entry of a dictatorship cum life-presidency through the back door. We wouldnt let this happen.

We are monitoring happenings at the National Assembly and we are keeping an eye on the leadership. History wouldn’t be kind to the 9th National Assembly if they, for selfish reasons, allow a condition that has saved the country from persons who believe they are born to rule to be abolished. Even the United States, as advanced as it is, has term-limit for Presidents and Governors.

It’s been said Nigeria will self-destruct. Time will tell if we let this happen to us as a people or we find a way to put our house in order by respecting our laws.

Aroso Akintomide
Twitter: @tomidearoso


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