Osinbajo: Deserving Pay For Loyalty?

Osinbajo: Deserving Pay For Loyalty?

That the Vice-President, Prof Yemi Osinbajo isn’t having the best of times getting settled into his second term as Vice-President is no news. As much as his aides have stated and re-stated his loyalty to President Muhammadu Buhari, even the blind can see something isn’t right. Or maybe the role of the Vice-President has been reviewed to ‘lighten’ his load.

The Office of the Vice-President has been ‘de-congested’. Key agencies and government runnings under his control have been shipped elsewhere. Most notable is the TraderMoni for which he travelled the length and breadth of this country, marketing President Muhammadu Buhari in the process.

While some believe he’s been punished for some of his actions while standing in for President Muhammadu Buhari in acting capacity, others believe he’s been persecuted for being a Tinubu ‘boy’. The Jagaban Borgu is believed to be eyeing the nation’s top seat and will most likely run come 2023.

Persons like Femi Fani-Kayode haven’t seized to attack the person of the Vice-President. He’s been called different names, coward being the least offensive. Should that be his lot at this time? Does the Vice-President deserve the treatment he is being given?

All of the times this Professor of Law stood in for the President, Nigerians have felt his touch of class and grace, combed with right and prompt decisions as to the day-to-day, and sometimes impromptu, runnings of government. His prompt sacking of the the President’s kinsman as the head of a key security agency of government is said to be one of his many sins. Not a few applauded him for his decisive decision to calm frayed nerves following the agency’s unprofessional conduct around the National Assembly.

The Vice-President may have been forced to the back, but we can’t forget in a hurry how much difference he made as Acting President. Most, President Buhari somehow got to overturn. But, we didn’t forget. As much as they claim there’s no Northern agenda, we can’t but think there is one. Loyalty shouldn’t be repaid with humiliation. It is unwise.

Aroso Akintomide
Twitter: @tomidearoso