King Of Boys, Two Others Join List Of Nigerian Movies On Netflix

King Of Boys, Two Others Join List Of Nigerian Movies On Netflix

Some of the highest-earning Nollywood films will soon be available on the popular American streaming platform.

Since announcing plans to invest in the African film industry 2018, Netflix has been adding a lot of Nigerian movies to its service.

The growing list of Nollywood films currently available on the popular American streaming platform includes “Chief Daddy”, “Lionheart” and “The Wedding Party.”

Viewers are about to get even more Nigerian movies as the service has recently acquired three more films.

The news of the acquisition was revealed by Film one, distributor of all three movies, via their Instagram page. According to the independent distributor, “The Wedding Party 2,” “ King Of Boys” and “Merry Men” will soon be available on the platform.

Coincidentally, these three are some of the highest-earning movies in the country. Here is what you need to know about them:

The Wedding Party 2: Destination Dubai

This 2017 Nigerian film is currently the highest-grossing Nigerian film of all time. It earned a total of N512 million.

Directed by Niyi Akinmolayan, the sequel to The Wedding Party follows characters as one of them accidentally proposes marriage by accident. Viewers will also see a disastrous traditional engagement ceremony and finally a wedding in Dubai.

King of Boys

This 2018 Nigerian political thriller film is focused on power tussle. It tells the story of a businesswoman and philanthropist named Alhaja Eniola Salami with growing political ambitions.

It grossed N231 million making it is the fourth highest-earning Nigerian movie of all time. A sequel is currently in the works.

Merry Men:The Real Yoruba Demon

Set in Abuja, it follows four rich men (the Merry Men) who seduce powerful women, steal from the rich, get contracts from the political elite and give to the poor.

With N230 million, it is the fifth highest-grossing Nigerian film.