Diary of A Randy Soul: Getting Laid Aboard A Plane

Diary of A Randy Soul: Getting Laid Aboard A Plane

I had an appointment with a minister about a project we were working on. Man had to ‘dress to kill’; if only to make the minister know I wasn’t one who’s just about the money. I charge high, but I get the job done as explicitly and exquisitely possible; that gives me class.

My flight was scheduled for 2:10pm. I got to the airport some minutes before noon because I needed to avoid any unforeseen ‘delay’. I needed to see the minister by 5pm; those ‘powerful’ people are strenuous to see.

I walked into a restaurant to ‘hang around’ until I needed to board. Seating alone on the right end as I walked in was this lady whose beauty and cuteness couldn’t be hidden, despite the worry on her face. I knew I needed to get around her.

I ordered chicken and an energy drink. For two. I walked away after making the orders to have my seat. I asked if I could sit at her table and she feigned a smile, nodding. I knew something was wrong with her. To get to her, I needed to make her worry mine.

I smiled in response to hers. I took my seat across her thinking about how to get her talking, but pretended to be busy with my phone until the waiter brought my order. I let the waiter put the two trays in front of me. When he left, I slided one to her side of the table. She looked at me and I guess she figured I wasn’t the type you’d push off.

We got talking and in less than 15mins, she was freely talking to me as though we had known for awhile. She confided in me as to what her worry was; her brother was getting married and the one she booked for decorations is coming up with excuses as to why he wouldn’t be available.

I fixed it for her. And of course, all on me. I put a call through to someone I use and she confirmed her availability. I linked them and that settled it. Her smile was full and her cuteness became the more glaring. I wish I could know her better, but I wouldn’t have her feel I did her the favour because I wanted something in return. I did initially, but after helping her, I had to take it off.

She asked for my number so she could call to thank me. I turned it down for a reason I still don’t know. Hard guy? I don’t know. She asked to leave to catch-up with her flight. I bade her goodbye. I left less than 5mins after she left.

Aboard, I needed to visit the aircraft lavatory. Imagine my shock seeing her as I opened the door to leave the lavatory. Without allowing me to process how and why she got there, she pushed me back inside, succeeding it with a kiss.

I had to reciprocate. Her lips were soft and she has really soft and delicate hands. She ‘worked and walked’ her hands through my body until she had it on the ‘man’ down there. A boner was on point. Hers was probably the craziest and most exciting blowing job I ever had. Enjoyed my pleasurable but short ‘ramming’ into her ‘downtown’. Guess that’s her way of saying ‘thank you’.


Tommy Winston


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