Diary Of A Randy Soul: Agreeing To Meet My Sister’s Friend

Diary Of A Randy Soul: Agreeing To Meet My Sister's Friend

Chi is pretty. Really pretty. Not enough; beautifully pretty. She’s also classy and carries herself with grace and elegance. She’s my sister’s friend. I used to like her, but when I felt she wasn’t catching my flirty vibes with her, I just ‘left her alone’.

Being my younger sibling’s friend, I needed to ‘respect’ myself. I wasn’t going to put myself in a position that’d make me lose my respect, even if I didn’t get down with her. Admittedly, I just wanted sex. Nothing more. Pretty as she is, I’m not ready to be tied down.

For over six years that I have known her, nothing in my weirdest dream could have made it cross my mind she had a bet with my own sister to sleep with me before she got married. My sister obviously thought high of me. I kept my randiness away from anyone in my family, and I was good at it.

She had made a comment about my height and how good I speak to my sister: she straight-up warned her I am a ‘saint’ and wouldn’t do anything with her, no matter how hard she pushed.

They had a bet that is to redeemed on Chi’s wedding day; whether she won or lost. She swore she would sleep with me. Something I so want. But, even now, it bothered me she so covered whatever she had in mind with me I felt she didn’t like me when I tried chit-chatting with her.

That was their bet and it was their headache. I didn’t know anything about it. I went to drop somethings for my mum and I met Chi at her place. She had come to tell my mum she was now a Law graduate. Bless God for her.

I dropped what I brought and was on my way almost immediately. She volunteered to follow me to my car and asked my number. I gave it to her and off I drove.

I hadn’t gotten home when I got a text asking if I’d be home tomorrow. Calling the number, I got to know she sent it. I replied I’d be home if she needed me to be. And that was it. Somehow, we talked for about two hours on the phone. I knew match was set!

Look-Out For Part II.

Tommy Winson.