Nigerians Must Quit Religion If They Want To Beat Coronavirus – Guru Maharaj Ji

Nigerians Must Quit Religion If They Want To Beat Coronavirus - Guru Maharaj Ji

To win the fight against the coronavirus pandemic, Nigerians must move away from religion and the “Holy Ghost syndrome” and embrace divine knowledge, the founder of the One Love Family, Sat Guru Maharaj Ji, has said.

Speaking during a press conference in Lagos over the weekend, Mr Maharaj Ji said the way forward is for Nigerians to realise they need to start using the creator’s name.

“We have found out that the word God is an abracadabra, a metaphorised way to mislead us from enjoying the bounties of the creator. Our people must go away from Holy spirit syndrome, holy Michael, holy fire, they are not working. They should get away from religion completely.

“If someone needs a job, you don’t need a tribe or religion. It is something they cannot stop, I will establish it. Coronavirus is dead, the moment you and I are holding each other, we are one Nigeria.”

Mr Maharaj Ji said only those who possess divine knowledge would “see who is coronavirus” because they would be in the spiritual realm.

“Look at it, with what has happened, Holy Ghost fire has run away oo…Praise the Lord, rababaraba, na lie oo. They have closed areas in Saudi Arabia, Mecca, Medina, no road. So, where is the power that Moses used to break the water into two? Where is the power that David used to kill Goliath? There is nothing impossible for the creator and it has been put down in simple language, divine knowledge. My people are perishing because they lack divine knowledge.”

Prosecute Buhari’s chief of staff

As of April 6, Nigeria’s coronavirus cases stood at 238, with 35 discharged and five dead.

Last month, the chief of staff to the president, Abba Kyari, tested positive for COVID-19 and was later transferred from Abuja to Lagos for further tests.

At his press conference, Mr Maharaj Ji accused the president’s chief of staff of deceiving Nigerians and called for his prosecution.

“You left for abroad and you even went to as far as they say China and these problems are on and measures have already been taken. He is supposed to submit himself for quarantine, 14 days to clear himself. He didn’t do that and he was fingered, who is he? What is his aim? Which school of thought does he belong to?

“In so many countries we have found that the people in government are neocolonialists because their orientation is very low. Their history about pre and post-independent Africa is still low that they believe they can carry Nigerian money and keep in Dubai, London, I and my family can enjoy and die and go to heaven.

“If a secretary to government or attorney general is subject to the rule of the law, we read in the papers he is coming to Lagos to quarantine, there is nothing wrong in that but everybody must follow the law. He knows who and who he has talked to, the families, and they need to be isolated.”

He described the lockdown in most parts of the country as a “panic measure” and called on the government to manufacture the machines for testing the virus locally.

“We don’t know what is happening to the Chinese, to the Europeans, we don’t know what they are saying. The way they brought the Bible and Quran, they didn’t tell us that the omnipresent God will just oversee our dead ….here and there.

“We should devise our own machines, we cannot compare their weather with ours. They eat all sort of things, cockroach, scorpion, and all, but we don’t. Just like the way they did with Ebola, we opposed them, I opposed them because spiritually I saw the game they were playing and they were surprised. So, panic measures should not be the way.

“How can the 60 years on the throne of Oba Sikiru Ademola be postponed? Nothing could have happened, we are not against ourselves, Ifa is there, Ogun, Osanyin is there, we don’t hate, it is only the church that is causing trouble now, they say you have sinned and repent. How can we postpone a festival in Ife? For what? Because somebody is dying in China or coronavirus.

“I’m not against it but it should not have been panicky. Now that workers are at home, the government should not delay in making sure they list all the companies and the staff, if they are unable to them pay them full salary, they should pay them half.”


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